We are a global online intermediary company that works between entities that issue academic, training and professional certificates and the individuals that receive them. We are committed to the transparency and reliability of issuing certificates. We have a website (unique and distinct) where Certificates are registered in an integrated manner, with total transparency and constant updating.


The person responsible for the processing of personal data is XEKVITA, LDA, legal person nº 516249436, based at Largo do Esteiro, Número 6, 2050-261 Azambuja and email address

In certain cases, XEKVITA, LDA will act as a subcontractor, processing your data on behalf of another entity, which will act as the controller.

In such cases, we recommend that you consult the privacy policy and/or other information about the processing of your data with the data processing managers.


XEKVITA, LDA is committed to treating personal data in a lawful and transparent manner.

Personal data will only be collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and will not be treated in a manner incompatible with those purposes.

XEKVITA, LDA collects, stores and makes data and information available in the following situations:

1. When it has a legitimate interest to do so, namely to:

1.1 Provision of services or information;

1.2. Issuance of Certificates of participation in Events organized by third parties that register them in the XEKVITA, LDA electronic platform;

1.3. Profile data about professional individuals and legal entities, namely: Name, email, date of birth, country, nationality, region, sex, telephone contact;

1.4. Data about the professional characterization of individuals (Curriculum Vitae), namely personal information, information on professional experience, academic information, personal interests and others;

1.5. Data about the characterization of events organized by entities, namely the designation and description of the events, designation and description of the certificates and other information that allows identifying the events.

2. When data holders provide information, namely to:

2.1. Make your individual data available to other individual users or entities registered with XEKVITA, LDA;

2.2. Make data about events organized by entities registered with XEKVITA, LDA available to individual users.

3. When individual users present information, namely on:

3.1. Events organized by entities registered with XEKVITA, LDA.

3.2. Information related to other services provided by XEKVITA, LDA.

4. When necessary to fulfill legal obligations.

If you provide personal data on behalf of another person, you must ensure that, before doing so, that person has read XEKVITA, LDA's Privacy Policy.

If you are under the age of 16, please do not provide us with your personal data, unless you have authorization from your parents or guardians to do so.

Please help us to keep your personal data up to date. For this purpose, you must inform XEKVITA, LDA of changes to your personal data, in particular changes regarding your contact details.


When filling out the forms on our website, the personal data provided - such as name, professional email, tax identification number, professional phone number or address, etc. - are collected by XEKVITA, LDA and treated in order to respond to requests.

XEKVITA, LDA, within the scope of its mission, collects and stores data in pursuit of its legitimate interest, namely to advertise and disseminate the activities it promotes to the business, academic, etc., through the means of dissemination at its disposal. In this sense, by accepting our conditions, data holders authorize that their data can be shared on other sites or platforms, namely, but not exclusively, on high-use social networks that XEKVITA, LDA considers to be the most relevant within the scope of its object / mission.


XEKVITA, LDA will retain and store the data only for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and processed, except in cases where there is a specific legal requirement. In the latter case, for example, are the legal obligations arising from participation in projects financed by the European Union.


The holder can exercise, at any time, the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of treatment or opposition and, when applicable, the right to portability thereof.

If consent is legally necessary for the processing of personal data, the data holder has the right to withdraw consent at any time, given that this right does not compromise the lawfulness of the treatment carried out on the basis of the previously given consent or the further processing of the same data based on another legal basis, such as the performance of a contract or a legal obligation to which XEKVITA, LDA is subject.

If the data holder intends to exercise any of the rights, he must contact XEKVITA, LDA, in writing, via email or letter, sent to Largo do Esteiro, Número 6, 2050-261 Azambuja.

Proof of identity may be requested in order to ensure that personal data is shared only with the holder.

You should keep in mind that in certain cases (for example, due to legal requirements) the request cannot be fulfilled immediately. In any case, you will be informed of the measures taken in this direction, within one month from the moment the order is placed. You also have the right to send a complaint to the Portuguese National Data Protection Commission.


XEKVITA, LDA strives to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data that is collected. However, the transmission of information over the Internet is not completely secure and, therefore, we cannot completely guarantee the security of the information transmitted through our Website.

In this sense, the issuing of any certificate is the sole responsibility of the issuing entity (veracity, reliability, etc.), and we do not guarantee its veracity and accuracy. In case of falsehood or inaccuracy, our Company can never be held responsible for any fact that could substantiate an irregularity in civil or criminal matters, etc. In concrete: our Company, despite having the Platform, does not insert information into it, it only serves as an intermediary between user and issuing entity.

Any information that is posted is the sole responsibility of the person who introduces it, that is, XEKVITA, LDA does not participate or have any control over the relationship that may arise between user and entity, being only, and solo, an intermediary entity.

XEKVITA, LDA has been adopting several security measures, in order to protect personal data from any illegal use, as well as requiring its partners to adopt security measures equivalent to those it practices. We do not sell or otherwise make your information commercially available to any third party, except for the services provided by XEKVITA, LDA.

XEKVITA, LDA is committed to keeping your information confidential in accordance with the following Code of Conduct and applicable legislation.


Our Platform Cookies to manage User preferences and improve certain features of them. A Cookie is a small file on the computer that can store information about the User's visit. For example, Cookies help to recognize a User as a previous visitor to the Platform, to enable a functionality of the Platform or to improve the website for the benefit of the User.

Our platform uses the following categories of cookies and technologies:

Permanent cookies;

Session cookies;

Advertising cookies.

XEKVITA, LDA guarantees its user the opportunity to reject the use of Cookies. By continuing to browse the Platform, and unless you have disabled Cookies, the User agrees to their use on the device and browser used, in accordance with this Policy. Choosing to deactivate, all or some of the available features may be inhibited, penalizing the User's experience in their navigation. The User may, at any time, control how Cookies are hosted in his browser or even remove them, from the configuration options. As mentioned, the User should be aware that changing these settings may have an impact on the proper and full use of the XEKVITA, LDA Platform.

XEKVITA, LDA uses Cookies to improve navigation on the Platform as well as to allow the establishment of secure sessions and the respective protection of User data, again guaranteeing that, as explained above, the User will have every right to refuse the use of them, being able to remove them.


XEKVITA, LDA may, at any time, update this Privacy Policy.

In case XEKVITA, LDA decides to change this Privacy Policy, the new version will replace this one and will be effective as of the date of its publication on this Website.

The relationship between XEKVITA, LDA and all users will be governed by the new published version.

We request that you periodically review this document to keep up to date.

Prepared by: GLOBAL LAWYERS, Law Firm, R.L. (October 2020).

XEKVITA, LDA, 18th of December of 2020.

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