Who we are…

A global online company acting as a linking hub connecting entities that issue academic, training and professional certificates and the individuals that receive them.

We are committed to the transparency and reliability of issuing professional certificates.

What we are…

Xekvita.com is the only global website where academic, training and professional certificates are registered in an integrated manner, with total transparency and constantly updated.

Individual users receive...

Immediately updated and free of charge Certificates;

A unique, integrated and reliable curriculum in the same profile in a website with all academic, training, professional or other individual certifications;

The opportunity to generate personal CV’s with selected certificates when applying for professional vacancies;

The possibility to control the certificates and CV achievements that are visible to others.

Companies that issue certificates get…

An easy and integrated way to issue certificates;

The end of certificates in paper-print with clear economic and environmental gains;

Greater transparency, credibility and reliability of the certificates;

A worldwide recognition of certificates.

Companies that carry out recruitment and selection processes receive…

Credible, reliable and up-to-date access to information about individual professional CV’s and certificates;

Specialized database searches according to recruitment needs.

Academic, training and event companies get…

A dissemination channel focused on specific targets appropriate to the entities' communication strategies for events;

A personalized publicity of events and advertising focused on commercial target groups;

A broader publicity of events, with significant increases for events subscription.

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